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Want to share your experiences abroad with other University of Kentucky students?  UK Education Abroad welcomes any and all student contributions to enKompass including student editorials, program evaluations, highlights from personal blogs and more.

While there is no limit to the number of contributions, you must follow these guidelines:

  • Keep posts below 500 words.  You can’t go wrong by keeping it short and creative. Can’t fit want you want to say in 500 words? Try this: avoid trying to write about your entire experience abroad.  Instead, focus on a single story or part of your experience. Then, just post multiple times!
  • Tell us (and everyone else) what you are studying. Education abroad is an ACADEMIC engagement (!), right? What courses are you taking? How are they helping you graduate? How is your experience related to your professional goals?
  • There is nothing wrong with telling us about your personal experiences. How are you having fun? How are you engaging socially? Highlight your experiences, not your parties.  While a glass of wine over dinner is a part of many cultural norms, keep alcohol references to a minimum.
  • What has surprised you? What were your misconceptions? Is there anything you didn’t know upon arrival that you wish you had known?
  • Use your own material.  Plagiarism isn’t cool.  If in doubt, ask permission.
  • Keep it PG-13.  No sexually suggestive content or expletives.  We want you to share your story, but our grandmas read this stuff.
  • Do not write offensive statements about… well, anyone.  A little sarcasm isn’t bad, but keep it friendly and fun.
  • Use your best judgement and remember, we (UK EA) reserve the right to edit your submissions as we see fit.
  • Need inspiration?  Check out the Topics & Ideas page.

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