Why I Wouldn’t Change A Moment Of My Semester Abroad

Macy 7-2

It is very hard for me to believe that I have now been home from my semester abroad for over four months now, as it still feels like last week I was back in Cyprus enjoying Gyros with my favorite people at Jason’s on one of our last  Sunday afternoon’s. Jason’s was our favorite restaurant right outside our apartments that we couldn’t pronounce the name of so we just referred to it by the name of the owner.  We probably spent all of Saturday night dancing with friends we had made from all over the globe, and taking a cab back to Zorbas for the best desserts served 24 hours a day. Seeming that would consist of one of my most casual weekends of the semester reminds me of why I wouldn’t change a day of my time abroad.

If you’ve ever came in the resource center during my hours or know me at all, you have probably listened to me bring up Cyprus and how much I loved it and all of my adventures abroad. It is definitely my favorite thing to talk about even when I know I drive my mom crazy sometimes, but never would I have imagine that I would have fallen in love with a place or experience so much. While most people have probably never heard of Cyprus, choosing to live there for three and a half much was the best decision I could have made.

With Cyprus not being a huge landmark in Europe and not being a place flocked with people taking pictures next to monuments, I believe that is why it became so easy to think of it as home. It was the small town of Europe. And that made it the perfect fit for me. The people in Cyprus were the most welcoming of almost any country I visited; they were so kind and so happy to see us enjoying their country. And Cypriots for sure made the best food of anywhere I have ever been; it rained about three times during the whole semester; and the temperature never dropped below 50 degrees. Have I convinced you to go yet?

Aside from my decision to go to Cyprus, the places I choose to travel to outside of the country definitely made for unforgettable experiences. Leaving ten days early to tour the beautiful city of Rome, visit the Eiffel Tower and Palace of Versailles, and getting to spend my 20th birthday at Oktoberfest in Munich was more than worth all the planning that went into it. As well as my trip to Crete with nearly 25 other students from my program to hike 13 miles at the Samaria Gorge and eat donuts the size of our faces. And I couldn’t forget the amazing experience I was given to travel to Cairo, Egypt to meet the family and friends of an international student here at UK and to see the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Like you can probably imagine, even with all of these amazing experiences there will always be times of frustration or just bad days. I couldn’t even begin to count the amount hours spent getting lost using CityMaps2go, or the amount time spent waiting for public transportation to arrive, and the unreal amount of times going through airport security. And believe it or not I actually had to study some days and even got a little homesick around the holidays. But even all of the challenging and tiring times made the experience even more rewarding. I will forever be thankful for the opportunities and experiences studying abroad gave to me, and will never look back and wish I would have done it differently.

Macy is a junior studying Accounting and Marketing with an International Business minor at the University of Kentucky. She studied abroad at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus in the fall of 2016.