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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Transportation Around Europe

connor-5If you are anything like me, then you are a sucker for a good view, and you will be willing to do anything for that view.  Europe is home to some of the best views in the world.  However, these amazing views are so spread out that you have to use some form of transport to get to these locations.  There are three common ways to get to these fascinating locations: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.  I’m not on about the movie, I honestly do mean these three ways to get around.  As someone going abroad, you will have access to all of these, so let’s break them down.


Planes are one of the most convenient and time efficient ways of traveling from country to country in Europe, although the downside is that planes are extremely costly.  However, if you are traveling from one European country to another European country, then you can travel relatively cheaply.  How?  Through some budget airlines such as RyanAir, easyJet, and Aer Lingus.  These companies can host flights from as little as $15 from one location to another.  With cheap prices come reductions in luxuries.  For example, you lose some leg room, there isn’t a first class, these companies do not give out snacks, and checking luggage costs extra.  These flights are still safe, and this economical flight makes for the perfect weekend getaway.


If you want a beautiful way to see Europe, while getting to the beautiful sight you set out to see, then this is the mode of transportation for you.  The cool thing is that trains can be relatively cheap.  This is the middle of the line for transportation.  Trains offer a cost less than that of a flight, but trains get you to the destination longer than a plane would.  If you get an extended period of time to travel, like Spring Break, then you can always purchase an Interrail/Eurail ticket.  As a non-European Union resident, the Eurail is the type of ticket you can purchase.  There’s plenty of options, which are priced at different prices, however the beautiful thing about Eurail is that you get what you pay for with this.  For a fair price you get to connect between big cities over a period of travel days, all while getting the most beautiful sights.  To look more into this, visit

Another form of trains would be underground transport.  This is like the Underground in London.  These forms of trains connect cities and offer an alternative to buses and taxis.


This mode of transport is pretty obvious, and these tend to be on the cheaper end.  In most places there are taxis, Ubers, and Lyft.  You get the black taxis in London, and all kinds of assisted transport in other big cities.  However, the commonly forgotten automobile is the bus.  Buses can be glorious and horrible.  During my time in England, there were all kinds of buses.  I took a bus from my residence to classes.  I could take a bus from Oxford to London, roundtrip costing me £20.  However, even cheaper, I could take a bus from the middle of England to the Southernmost point of England for as cheap as £1.50.  Buses aren’t restricted either.  Buses can link between countries, and even so can cross the English Channel via the Chunnel.  Another benefit of buses is that some city buses have a pair deal.  For example, in London, if you buy a day pass on the Underground, you can also ride the buses throughout London.

All in all, the modes of transport are many, and the prices range from cheap to expensive depending on where you are going and how far ahead you book.  My recommendation- utilize them all.  You will get different experiences for every method of transport.  If you want more information, or just to chat about some experiences, stop by 315 Bradley Hall or email

Connor Bechtol studies Management and Marketing at the University of Kentucky, and he just returned from studying for the full academic year at Oxford Brookes University.