How Employers View Study Abroad

shannon-4In today’s global economy, the demand for globalized students in the workforce is higher than ever before.  This demand is not one that will disappear anytime soon, either.  Students who study abroad typically develop a higher level of cultural awareness than their peers who do not, thus leading them to likely become more globalized individuals in the future.

Study abroad can also increase an individual’s ability to excel in a multi cultural workforce.  This demand has become increasingly desired in today’s day and age.  Corporations are rapidly searching for individuals who can help the company grow into a global workforce.  As shown, studies have proven the positive impact study abroad has on individuals entering the workforce.

While the employee seeking individual benefits from study abroad, it is often wondered if the employer themselves notices the importance of study abroad.  Research has proven that many employers rank study abroad as one of the top qualifications on a resume.  This is a notable aspect for rising juniors and seniors who will soon themselves be entering the workforce.

Another valuable impact study abroad has is not necessarily on an individual’s future career, but rather on their future selves.  The demands students face in an unfamiliar environment forces students to increase their ability to make advanced, spontaneous decisions.  Students thus become more flexible to changes that may occur.  Intellectual flexibility is a quality that is critical to smooth adaption in any area of life.  Through interaction with another culture, students also develop a greater level of interpersonal skills.  All of these qualities, which stem from a study abroad experience, prove to be beneficial in many areas of life.

While study abroad is not a necessary aspect for employment applications, it is definitely a positive addition.  Study abroad is an incredible experience.  It will impact you while you are there, and forever after.

Shannon Murphy is Senior at the University of Kentucky majoring in Political Science.  Shannon spent the Fall 2015 Semester in Florence Italy.

Information Obtained from The Long Term Effects of Studying Abroad, K. Buckley.

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