Student Spotlight: Chloe Crumpton


What program did you do and when?

“Kinesiology and Health Promotion in London.  It was a UK Sponsored program and I went in Summer 2, 2016.”

What did you study/do aboard, and how is that different from what you could have done at UK or not in the US?

“I studied sports psychology and exercise physiology.  I got to work in exercise physiology labs at one of the universities and saw their specialized equipment in high-altitude chambers.  The laboratories and equipment were much more advanced than UK’s.  In England, the physical therapy focus is on improving fitness, as opposed to the US where it is focused on improving health.”

How did your experience impact your future career plans?

“It gave me the opportunity to work with equipment that I will use to test athletes in the future.  It made me realize that we can help people by improving their fitness and focusing on prevention of injuries rather than just healing their current injuries.”

In general, what things did you learn in London-related to your studies and otherwise?

“I learned that I am very interested in the connection between psychology, exercise performance, and the healing process.  I also improved in my team work skills by getting lost in London with a group I did not know and doing group projects abroad.”

What resonates most form your time abroad?

“Traveling to new places and having new experiences every day.  I got to experience so much in my month abroad that it was hard to keep up with everything, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything different.”

What advice would you give to a student who wants to study abroad?

“Just do it.  You’re probably going to be scared to leave home and your friends, but once you’re there, you don’t think about anything at home.  Also, don’t be afraid to immerse yourself into your new country’s culture once you get there.  It’s okay not to be ‘that American.’  Other countries are so different from here, so learn what you can from them.”

Erin Daugherty is a senior pursing a degree in Equine Science and Management with minors in Business and Agricultural Economics.  She studied abroad the summer of 2015 in Sydney and Brisbane, Australia with the “Equine Down Under” program.  Erin witnessed and studied the Australian equestrian community and hopes to use some of their innovations to improve America’s equine industry.