Top 5 Electronics I Wouldn’t Study Abroad Without

  1. Laptop- Besides our cellphones, the one electronic most people can’t stand going a day without looking at would be their laptop. While abroad, you’ll be using your laptop to type papers, do homework, keep in touch with family, as well as research your future excursions. The reality is that your computer can do just as much as your smartphone and will easily be just as useful. Before you leave for your program, make sure to get your laptop checked for viruses and upgrade all systems so that you have minimum problems while abroad.


  1. Extra Battery Pack- We all know how quickly smartphone batteries’ can die. Make sure to purchase an extra battery pack in order to keep in contact with others and avoid missing out on any photo opportunities. This simple electronic is often overlooked on student’s packing lists and can make all the difference on a weekend excursion when an outlet is MIA.


  1. A Digital Camera- It may seem obvious that you’ll want a camera abroad, but most students think that their phones will do just the job. We’ve all had the “Storage Full” alert pop up on our smartphones before and well understand how annoying it can be. Avoid having to go back and delete photos by purchasing a high quality camera.


  1. External Hard Drive- Most people might find it impossible to actually use up all of the memory on their computers therefore an external hard drive might seem obsolete. This could be a lifesaver though! Taking hundreds of thousands of pictures will definitely be on your to-do list. The last thing you’ll want is to lose all of them if your computer crashes. Backing up your computer is always a good idea and you’ll want a safe place to keep all of your documents, pictures, videos, etc..


  1. Digital Luggage Scale- Whether it be after spending the entire semester abroad or just a weekend away, the last thing you’ll want to hear as you check-in is that your bag is overweight. By purchasing a portable luggage scale, you can avoid being “that guy” who has to transfer belongings to their carry-on in order to lighten up their checked bag. No matter if it’s saving you money, time, or headaches, this electronic is definitely useful for all of your traveling.

Samantha is a senior Economics major. She spent a summer abroad studying International Business in Austria with the Kentucky Institute of International Studies (KIIS).