Photo Essay: Schöne Österreich

Shortly after starting at UK, I decided that studying abroad needed to be on my college bucket list. I couldn’t let this once in a lifetime opportunity slip away from me. After doing my research, I decided that a 2 month UK Consortia summer program in Bregenz, Austria was the right fit for me. Studying abroad with KIIS (Kentucky Institute for International Studies) was the perfect amount of structure and freedom that I was looking for in my program. While there my program allowed me to experience other cities within Austria other than my host city. From Bregenz to Innsbruck to Salzburg to Vienna, Austria will always hold a piece of my heart. I hope that through this series of photos sparks wanderlust in you to visit my new home away from home.


photo1.pngPhoto 1: Daily markets in Bregenz made the perfect distraction from homework and studying.


Photo 2: View of the Swiss Alps in the distance from the backyard of my host mother’s house


Photo 2: Bregenz is located on the edge of the Bodensee (Lake Constance).


Photo 3: A few of our favorite restaurants in Bregenz.


Photo 4: Taking in the beautiful scenery after a long day of hiking.


Photo 5: Hiking the Alps right outside of Innsbruck, where the 1976 Winter Olympics were held.


Photo 6: Walking along the waterfront next to downtown Innsbruck

8.pngPhoto 7: While hiking in Salzburg, we had the chance to stop and play in the snow… in June.

10.pngPhoto 8: The Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. Famous for being the Habsburg residence and its acres of beautiful gardens.


Photo 9: View from the top of St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna.