An Insider’s Look into KEI Ireland with Morgan Napier

Morgan Napier is a senior at UK. She is a Finance major as well as an International Business minor. During the 2015 Spring semester, she studied abroad in Dublin Ireland at Griffith College.

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What program did you choose and why?

I studied with KEI.  I chose this program because KEI plans trips around Ireland and cultural experiences in Dublin.  Through the program I was able to see the Wicklow Mountains and take a weekend trip throughout Ireland.  KEI also provides transportation from the airport upon arrival which was important to my parents.  Additionally, the advisors I talked to about the program were amazing.  My UK advisor and my advisor in Ireland did an incredible job organizing pre departure material and making sure our experience was the best it could be.

What did you study abroad, and how is that different from what you classes you could have taken at UK?

I took International Marketing, International Business Environment, and Irish History. The classes in Dublin are much more interactive than classes here.  We had discussions daily.  Griffith College is made up largely of study abroad students so I was able to learn about business practices, ethics, and cultures from all over the world. My Irish History class was spent discussing a topic for two hours then spending two hours visiting places in Dublin that were important to that topic. One Friday we even went to Belfast to visit the Titanic museum because the ship was built there!

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How did your experiences abroad affect your future career path/decisions?

My experience has made me interested in international business, especially the laws guiding multinational corporations. As a future law student, my study abroad experience opened my eyes to all the opportunities law offers on an international level.

Why did you choose Ireland over any other country?

I chose Ireland because my roommate had studied there the previous semester. Seeing her pictures and hearing about her experience encourage me to call the same city home.

What was the most challenging part of your program?

The most challenging part of the program was finding the time to visit all of the places in Ireland I wanted to see! Ireland is such a beautiful country and I wanted to be sure to experience everything I could while I had the opportunity.


Sam Culp is a senior at the University of Kentucky studying Economics and History. She participated in the UK Consortia program KIIS Austria in the summer of 2015.