7 Things Not to be Missed in London

Bailey Babcock 4

  1. Go on the London Eye

Shocking, right? The Eye is one of London’s top tourist attractions, and trust me, there’s a reason. The view is absolutely gorgeous and you may wind up riding with people from various countries like I did (which was really interesting because there were three different languages being spoken throughout the ride).

  1. Tour a Professional Sports Team Stadium (such as Wimbledon or Chelsea Football Club)

While in London, I highly recommend touring a professional stadium. During my London Winter program, we toured Wimbledon and Chelsea Football Club. Even though I am not a big tennis or soccer fan, these two days were by far my favorite. Not only do you get to go behind the scenes and see places like the locker room, press-room, and court/field, but you also get to learn about the rich history behind the sports and teams.

  1. Visit a Museum…or two

London has so many museums that there is definitely one that will spark your interest. I highly recommend visiting at least one museum (if not more) during your program. My class went to the Tate Modern Museum, British Museum, National Maritime Museum, as well as a few others. The Tate Modern had an exhibit called “The World Goes Pop!” that included various works of pop art that were compelling to view. My favorite museum was the National Maritime Museum because after going through the exhibits, you could walk up to see the Prime Meridian (who doesn’t want to stand in two hemispheres?)

  1. Eat at a Pub (preferably fish and chips)

Pubs and London go hand in hand, and it’s definitely worth your while to eat at a couple different ones during your program. Each pub I went to had amazing food and was reasonably priced. At least one time during your time abroad, you should get fish and chips because they are to die for!

Bailey Babcock 5

  1. Watch the fireworks on New Years

So this one might be more difficult because it would depend on what time you study abroad, but if at all possible, try to get to London to watch the New Years firework show because it is absolutely beautiful! Since the show is so large, you can see it from various parts of the city (aka you don’t have to buy a ticket to see them downtown unless you want to).

  1. The Making of Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour

Not going to lie, I totally geeked out the two hours (or more) I spent on this tour. Even if you aren’t the biggest Harry Potter fan, I still recommend going because you get to look at all of the original costumes, props, and sets from the movies. Once you enter, you don’t have to stay with a group, so you can spend as much time as you want walking around and taking in the greatness that is Harry Potter.

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  1. See a Play

Theater is huge is London culture. While abroad, I saw Wicked and the Mousetrap. I had seen Wicked once before, but I feel like you can’t go wrong seeing it because it’s always good. The Mousetrap is a murder mystery that I think a lot of different people would enjoy. There are so many different theaters and different styles of plays in London that there is one for everyone.


Bailey Babcock is a sophomore studying Integrated Strategic Communication/Business. She participated in the UK Consortia program CCSA London Winter in December 2015.