How Studying Abroad Can Affect Your Future


  • New Major or Minor

Upon returning from UK Education Abroad programs, it is not out of the ordinary for a student to start having ideas or taking action to change their major or minor. There are many different ways that education abroad can make a student reconsider their major or minor, but the very common case is students returning and changing their major or minor to International Studies. Another common case is when a student goes on a UK Sponsored program specified towards a certain major and becomes very fascinated in that area.  Finally, a student may take a single or multiple courses that spark the student’s interest and convince them to change majors.

  • Upgrading your résumé

Who doesn’t love being able to make a new addition to their résumé? Education abroad is such a unique opportunity in the educational field that is still relatively new, which makes the students who participate in it very diverse and stand out to employers. Those who study abroad are a minority when compared to those who have not participated in education abroad, leaving students who have studied abroad with a competitive edge due to their experience. Education abroad experience shows employers that you are very independent and motivated.

  • Personal goals

As mentioned earlier, education abroad is a very unique experience, but it goes way beyond the educational field. Outside of the classroom, there will be countless adventures and experiences that force students to grow and push their boundaries. Students begin to see what they are capable of and learn to always be hungry for more knowledge.

  • Job and internship Opportunities

Upon returning back from my UK Education Abroad Program, I was contacted about an amazing internship opportunity, which is only available to students who have participated in education abroad. After receiving the internship and starting to work in the office, I quickly learned the office right next to ours also had the requirement of studying abroad for their interns and student workers.  Education abroad opens many doors for students and I am just getting to see the beginning of it.

  • Experience and Independence

Many students have been abroad before but a very large number of these students are traveling with family/friends and typically staying in nice hotels or luxurious resorts. Students travel independently on education abroad programs and are fully immersed in the culture of the program location. The amount of independence students gain in their short time abroad is shocking. The experience gained from education abroad is second to none when preparing young adults for the real world.

Photo courtesy of Brandon Burzynski.


Brandon Burzynski is a senior at the University of Kentucky studying finance. Brandon participated in the UK Sponsored Culture and Communication in Peru program in summer 2015.