Vamos a Valencia: A Photo Essay

The best decision that I have made during my college experience thus far was to study abroad. Even before coming to the University of Kentucky, I knew that Education Abroad was something that interested me, and I surely wasn’t going to let the opportunity slip away from me once I got to college. I planned early, did my homework, and decided that a 5-week UK partner summer program in Valencia, Spain was the one for me.  I had never spent much time outside of the country before, especially not without my friends and family, so I wanted the independence and experience of living in a homestay while always having the ISA (International Studies Abroad) staff as a helpful resource whenever I needed them. When I arrived in the Madrid airport and was warmly welcomed by a member of the ISA staff and the other 11 American students who were also participating in my program, I knew that I had made the right decision. From Madrid to Valencia to Amsterdam and everywhere in-between, my experience with Education Abroad just kept getting more and more incredible from that day on. I hope to share a bit of it with you through this series of photos.

Kiser Madrid (1)

Picture 1 caption: Standing outside of the Palacio de Comunicaciones in Madrid.

Kiser Toledo (2)

Picture 2 caption: Looking out at the beautiful city of Toledo on the way from Madrid to Valencia.

Kiser Valencia Host dad (3)

Picture 3 caption: Standing with our host dad after he bought us ice cream on the first day in Valencia.

Kiser Valencia Ayuntamiento (4)

Picture 4 caption: Taking in the beauty of the Plaza del Ayuntamiento while exploring downtown Valencia.

Kiser Barracca (5)

Picture 5 caption: Day trip to La Barraca de Toni Montoliu to eat Valencian paella.

Kiser Barca (6)

Picture 6 caption: Touring Camp Nou while on a weekend excursion to Barcelona.

Kiser Sagunto (7)

Picture 7 caption: My friend Lara and the incredible view of Sagunto on a class field trip.

Kiser Aquarium (8)

Picture 8 caption: Some of the group outside of the aquarium in the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia.

Kiser Amsterdam (9)

Picture 9 caption: One of the many canals that I encountered on a weekend excursion to Amsterdam.

Kiser Valencia Catedral (10)

Picture 10 caption: Posing in the Plaza de la Virgen with the Valencia Cathedral in the background.

Photos courtesy of Adam Kiser and Lisa Beilman.


Adam Kiser is a sophomore at the University of Kentucky studying Animal Science. Adam participated in the ISA Valencia program in summer 2015.