What I Learned in Peru through Education Abroad

Brandon Burzynski 3

  1. They have A LOT of Potatoes.

With Peru’s varying climates across its many regions, the people are able to produce nearly 4000 different species of potatoes that are native to the land. With this many varieties of potatoes, it comes without surprise that the Peruvians are very passionate about their spuds and they are often included in both lunch and dinner.

  1. The Andes Mountain Range runs through Peru.

The very famous Andes Mountain Range that is mostly in Chile (which is located directly below Peru) also finds its way far up along the coast through Peru. This Mountain Range is an incredible sight to see with towering peaks that are capped with snow.

  1. Peru contains one of the seven wonders of the world.

Just north of Cusco City hidden up in the Andes Mountains is Machu Picchu, the most holy city of the Incas. Machu Picchu is an incredible city that was built into the Andes Mountains and is known for being built so well that it is still standing through multiple earthquakes.

  1. Incan Culture and Beliefs are present in Peru today.

With Machu Picchu being the capitol of the Incan society there are many Incan ancestors and indigenous people that live throughout Peru. Although Roman Catholicism is the primary religion, many Peruvians maintain a mixture between Incan and Catholic beliefs.

  1. Guinea Pigs are a delicacy.

One of the Incan cultural practices or beliefs that has managed to stick around is that every plant and animal is a gift from God so they should use it in every way possible, which means eating almost every animal, including guinea pigs. In Peru, this delicacy is called “Cuy”. Cuy is sold in many restaurants and also prepared for some holidays.

  1. Llamas… Everywhere!

The llama and its cousin, the alpaca, are native to Peru and have a very large presence in the Andes Mountains regions of Peru. These animals are a huge tourist attraction in cities such as Cusco City or Urubamba. The llama and alpaca produce a very soft fur that the Peruvians use to make many different articles of clothing.

  1. Great Surfing

Being right along the coast of the Pacific Ocean there is bound to be some good surfing somewhere in Peru and the best areas are located in the beaches North of the capitol Lima, around the city of Trujillo. During my time in Peru, I was able to surf in Lima and had a great experience with constant six-foot waves.

  1. A good portion of the amazon is in Peru.

The Amazon Rainforest has to be one of the most interesting features of the world and a very large amount of it is located in Peru. The Amazon Rainforest covers just a little over the majority of Peru and contains various forms of incredible wildlife that is worth the visit.

Photo courtesy of Brandon Burzynski.


Brandon Burzynski is a senior at the University of Kentucky studying finance. Brandon participated in the UK Sponsored Culture and Communication in Peru program in summer 2015.