Five Reasons a Faculty-Directed Program is For You

Considering Education Abroad, but don’t know where to start? Overwhelmed by the process? Here’s a glimpse at one type of program the University of Kentucky offers to students thinking about taking their education abroad.

Brandon Burzynski Peru

  1. All UK Students

Who doesn’t love being surrounded by some fellow Cats fans? Many people are wanting to participate in education abroad to get a new experience and meet new people, but I didn’t know a single person before going on my UK Sponsored program and now I have many new friends from my experience back in Lexington with me. This is a great way to meet new friends on campus, and it is great having someone nearby to reminisce with on your experiences.

  1. UK Faculty travels with you

Having a UK Professor traveling with you is a huge perk of the UK Sponsored program. The UK professor can lecture on the material in English and will be available to help you throughout the program duration. During my program, I got to know my professor pretty well and now have a great relationship with him and he is my Faculty Sponsor for my internship in Education Abroad.

  1. The Credits Transfer Easily

On a UK Sponsored program, there will be no question on which credits will transfer over and which will not. These are UK courses taught by UK professors so they will always transfer and no student will have to fill out an academic approval form.

  1. Very Well-Planned

The UK Sponsored Program in which I participated was very well planned out for my group and it seemed we were always doing something or had options. On my program, we worked with ISA and they had guides that took us on incredible excursions, helped us discover our way around towns, introduced us to new foods, and much more. These guides are a major reason we had such an incredible experience.

  1. It’s Study Abroad

What’s more exciting than Study Abroad?! Study abroad is no doubt one of the most incredible experiences I have had and I want other students to be excited about it and experience it as well. There is nothing like the cultural immersion that you can experience with this opportunity.

Photo courtesy of Brandon Burzynski.


Brandon Burzynski is a senior at the University of Kentucky studying finance. Brandon participated in the UK Sponsored Culture and Communication in Peru program in summer 2015.