What to Wear in England While Studying Abroad

When studying abroad the first thing you have to think about before you leave is what to pack… everyone goes through the same not knowing if you have enough of this or that or wondering what the locals wear.

Many people forget when studying abroad in England that London is one of the fashion capitals of the world. The Go Overseas blog collected a few opinions from students that have studied abroad in England and some students who have moved their lives there. This is what they had to say about what to wear while studying abroad in England:

  • Pack clothes that are easy to layer
  • Wear rain gear that doesn’t look like rain gear
  • Ankle length boots are the thing to wear and Knee high boots paired with leggings is a big no
  • Wear trousers in dark denim and tailored high waisted shorts
  • Nike Air Max or Adidas trainers (or sneakers) are preferable
  • Graphic tees or sweatshirts with French sayings are the way to go
  • buy a playsuit or jumpers for the day.
  • Mix dainty with clunky and accent with leather!
  • Accessories can make an outfit on their own such as hats
  • Less skin is more proper
  • and lastly, no “sweatpants day”

Although this might seem over whelming at first Go Overseas has a break down of each “rule” to help all of you out! Check out the full article on,



(Mariam Malik on her study abroad program this summer in London)