Packing List Essentials for Teaching Abroad in Asia


When deciding to go abroad, figuring out what to pack can be one of the hardest things to do. Having to think about the culture, social and climate changes can be stressful. Go Overseas created a packing list of essentials for those who are going abroad in Asia, specifically for teaching. Studying abroad in another country is something in itself but working is a whole other beast. From figuring out the most important things to have in your apartment to what to wear to your first day of work.

The list Go Overseas has created is meant to guide you through the more difficult or impossible things to find in Asia — things you might have thought of and other things you probably haven’t.

1. Shoes… that fit. In Asia its hard to find shoes if you are a man or women with large feet. Therefore, bring any and every style of shoes you might need for your teaching abroad.

2. Bras and Underwear. Just like shoes it can be difficult to find larger cup sizes in lots of places in Asia. The same goes for underwear for both men and women, as they usually run smaller.

3. Your Favorite Spices, Teas or Snacks. Sometimes it can be nice to have a taste of home with you.

4. Deodorant. It can be difficult to find deodorant in many Asian countries so you will want to bring a long your own.

5. Toiletries or Cosmetics your loyal to. Many western brands that are available in Asia have a high markup so you end up saving yourself money by bringing it along.

6. Tampons. Most women in Asian countries prefer pads over tampons, which make them harder to find.

7. Any Medications you take regularly. This one is pretty self explanatory but while you can get many of your medications in your host country its good to have a small supply before you get there — especially if your not super comfortable with the local language.

8. Kindle, Nook or other e-reader. Books come at an inflated price so if you have your own e-reader you won’t have to deal with this!

9. Plug Adaptors but not Voltage Converters. The types of plugs vary around Asia so its good to do your research on what type you’ll need before you get there. It’s always a good idea to have a couple of different options.

Want to read more about what to bring for teaching abroad in Asia? Head over to Go Overseas to see the full article! ( #seeblueabroad