Making the Most of your Summer Study Abroad


Want to find out ways to make the most of your summer study abroad program? Go Overseas outlines some really simple ways for you to make the most of your summertime study abroad program whether it be for 3 weeks or the whole summer!

If you want to see as much as possible choose a travel program. Programs that move from country to country throughout the summer allow you to see as much of the region in the small amount of time you’re there. Another option is to find a program that is close to the many places you would like to visit and that has easy access to an airport or train station that you can use as a “base camp” for weekend adventures.

However, if this isn’t your style and you would like to really experience the country then stay put. Find a program that focuses more on the community or live with a host family. Do more what the locals do then focusing on the tourists attractions. Travel abroad for at least a month, therefore you really can immerse yourself in the country and into the local traditions.

Defiantly challenge yourself while on your study abroad experience. Step out of your comfort zone in the location you chose to study abroad because its less intimidating when your only going for a summer session. Use this time to test out going for a semester abroad!

Explore. Dream. Discover!

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Photo Credit: Courtney Dorazio