UK Students excursion to Belfast

Mary McSwiney, an Arcadia staff member who accompanied University of Kentucky students on their day excursion to Belfast, shared her experience on how the city had changed in the 15 years since she had been there. The students are on Tom Pope’s Concepts of Income Taxation program this summer. While in Belfast the students got to see the Titanic Center and go on a city tour of Belfast. Before the city tour the students learned some of the history behind the Northern Ireland Troubles, which gave them insight into the significance of the Nationalist and Unionist areas.


(UK students at the Titanic Center)

McSwiney noted that the highlight of this tour was getting to see the Peace Wall. On the Peace Wall they read messages from the Bill Clinton and Dali Lama, along with seeing murals praising Nelson Mandela and Amnesty International. Lastly the students were allowed to place their own messages of peace.


(UK students signing the Peace Wall)

Photos by Mary McSwiney

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