A Photo Essay: The Grand Tour

Allison participated in the UK Sponsored Navigating the ‘Grand Tour’: A Creative Exploration of Student Travel Honors Program during the summer 1 session. Similar to some of our other programs at Education Abroad this program allowed her to travel to many different places within a short period of time. 

The Grand Tour’s purpose was to assist students in making connections between education abroad in the past and education abroad presently. We visited London, Paris, Venice, Florence, and Rome within a two-week period in order to get a true crash course on what it means to become “cultured” abroad. Creating art along the way, we were able to experience some of the greatest aesthetic and historical areas in the world while simultaneously learning more about the impact that education abroad has on the modern student.

I learned that it parallels the goals of the original Grand Tourists in that we all want to gain a better perspective of the world around us. Like them, I was able to see a variety of different ways of life in a short period of time and formed a respect for a variety of cultures. I now realize that my way of living isn’t always the “right way”, the United States has been influenced by the European culture far more than I ever realized, and that there really is no place like home at the end of the day. This experience is something that I will never forget and I will continue to carry these lessons into both my social and professional lives.


Representing UK at the Coliseum in Rome, Italy!


Spending an evening in one of the most historically rich structures in the world- the Coliseum!


Throwing up the 3 goggles in front of I.M. Pei’s pyramid in front of the Louvre!


Visit Platform 9 3/4? Check. Take a picture with the ceiling that looks like a basketball net? Check!


Arriving in the UK, representing UK! Customs lines are fun.


And we’re off!

Photos and written by Allison Webb

Allison is a Junior studying communication sciences and disorders. She participated in the UK Sponsored Navigating the ‘Grand Tour’: A Creative Exploration of Student Travel Honors Program.