Bologna to Bologna, and Everywhere in Between

There are several programs through Education Abroad that allow students to travel to more than one city during the duration of their program. Brooke, participated in the UK Sponsored “Bologna to Bologna” program; while taking courses, Brooke and her classmates traveled throughout Italy, and even to France and England.

My Study Abroad experience was particularly unique because I wasn’t living in one city, but rather, my program was faculty led throughout Italy and France. With one carry-on bag, no home base, and an open mind, my life was forever changed. Here are a few pictures of the places we went!

We started in Rome, Italy. These are my classmates (and myself) in front of ancient Roman ruins.


Here we are later in the day when we visited St. Thomas Aquinas and fake laughed with him. (He’s hilarious!!!)


While roaming through the city, we came upon a protest! (Our professor quickly told us to steer clear…)


Our next location was Florence, Italy. Here are my classmates and I in front of the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore!


When in Florence you HAVE to eat at Gusta Pizza! It’s a college favorite.


After Florence, our next stop was Bologna, Italy! This city was my personal favorite, and here is a picture of my friend Katelyn and I after climbing 498 steps up the Asinelli Tower, which was built by noble families in the 12th century. (We had to recover with pizza and gelato.)


This is the view from the top of the tower in Bologna!


After Bologna, we went to Venice, Italy. This picture was taken on Murano, the Glass Island, which is a 17-minute water taxi ride from the main part of Venice. It’s known for its Venetian glass!


My friend Laura and I on Murano Island, near Venice.


After Venice, we flew to Cagliari, which is a city on the island of Sardegna, an Italian island. Here is a view from the top of the city. We took a class at the University of Cagliari and learned the differences between American and Italian higher education.


Katelyn, Laura and I on a beach in Cagliari, Italy.


My classmates and I hung out with students from the University of Cagliari.


Next, we flew to Paris, France! My classmates and I loved the Eiffel Tower and went to see it during the day and at night.


When in Paris… Only eat macaroons.


And finally, my last stop on the trip was London, England. It felt great to end in a place where they spoke my language, but it was still different enough that I still felt like I was out of my comfort zone.

Brooke is an Education Abroad Peer Ambassador studying Marketing. She is a Sophomore and she participated in the UK Sponsored Bologna to Bologna program.