A Photo Essay: Traveling Around Spain

I traveled around Spain to more places than I can count, and I am incredibly thankful and blessed for all of the life skills it taught me that will come in handy for the rest of my life. The most beneficial skill I acquired is becoming somewhat of a professional at navigating public transportation. I went from not knowing how to read a map, to being able to figure out my way around Western Europe. Here is a photo essay of some of the places I was able to travel to without driving a car!

jgfrjAshtin Morgan (left) & Emily Demirjian (right)

Our first trip outside of Madrid by ourselves! We took a bus to San Sebastian, Spain.


Madrid’s largest train station: Atocha. You can get almost anywhere you want in Spain by using this station as your starting point.

gdfAshtin Morgan (right) & Tania Acosta (left)

Las Margaritas Renfe Cercanías train station. This was right beside the University of Carlos III where I attended my fall semester of 2014 and lived with Tania Acosta.

fsedagvsagehyyw4Sapna Sundar (left) & Ashtin Morgan (right)

Sapna Sundar and I taking a train downtown Madrid to go out to Kapital!

fgdsgfWill Courtenay (left) & Ashtin Morgan (right)

Hiking and watching the sunset at La Pedriza of Manzanares with a fellow UK student, Will Courtenay.


Taking a boat ride around Valencia with my mother on Christmas.


A famous ‘must-do’ attraction in Lisbon, Portugal is their little trolley transportation system.


El Retiro, one of the largest parks in Madrid, was a 20 minute train ride from Getafe and is somewhere I wish I spent more time. You could boat, skate, walk, eat, drink and most importantly, enjoy people’s company.


I took a ferry from Ibiza to Valencia because I couldn’t find an affordable flight and this was the view from the island.


The Metropolis Building in downtown Madrid is at the corner of Calle de Alcalá and Gran Vía and a perfect meeting point for friends.

Photos and written by Ashtin Morgan

Ashtin is an Education Abroad Peer Ambassador studying Journalism and Spanish. She is a Junior and participated in the UK Exchange Carlos III program in Madrid, Spain