An Interview with Alex Kalinich: UK Sponsored in Spain

Alex Kalinich is a Sophomore at the University of Kentucky participating in a UK Sponsored Program: Kinesiology and Health Promotion in Valencia, Spain. Alex is majoring in Kinesiology, and she is taking classes at the local university in Valencia, as well as classes from a professor at the University of Kentucky!

What program did you do and when?

“I am currently in the UK Sponsored Kinesiology Abroad program. I have one UK professor here with me in Valencia, Spain and he teaches us two classes. I also take two additional classes through a university here.”

UntitledPhoto by Alex Kalinich

What did you study/ do abroad, and how is that different from what you could have done at UK or in the U.S.?

“I am taking all health science related classes. The two UK classes are similar to what I would take at UK, while my two classes through the Spanish professors are completely different from anything I have ever done. They have very different expectations than US professors, such as wanting homework assignments turned in “lad report” format. Also, our entire grade depends on the final we take at the end.”

Untitled2On the Cliffs of Moher, photo by Alex Kalinich

How did the experience impact your future career plans (if at all)?

This experience has impacted my future plans immensely. I knew I would like to go into occupational therapy, but by being abroad I have learned how amazing other parts of the world are. I would like to apply that to my job, I just need to figure out how!

Untitled3Visiting London, photo by Alex Kalinich

In general, what things did you learn in Spain, related to your studies and otherwise?

I have the opportunity to apply what I learn in class to the Spanish culture through interviews and things like that.

Untitled4Visiting Paris, photo by Alex Kalinich

What will resonate most from your time abroad?

The thing that will resonate most from my time abroad will probably be not to sweat the little things. Everything goes wrong at some point and it causes many people to stress out. There are much worse things in the world than what our little college brains can wrap around. We need to look at the bigger picture and be grateful for what we have, and know that everything always works out in the end!

Untitled5Szechenyi Baths, Budapest, photo by Alex Kalinich

Responses and Photos by Alex Kalinich

Recorded by Brooke Hamilton

Brooke is an Education Abroad Peer Ambassador studying Marketing. She is a Sophomore and she participated in the UK Sponsored Bologna to Bologna program.