What Comes Next?

Post-Graduate Study Abroad Opportunities

Many of the posts on our blog are all about what we as Education Abroad Peer Ambassadors (EAPA’s) did, experienced, or studied while we were abroad, but what comes afterward? What comes after the re-entry culture shock? What comes after finishing your bachelors and graduating? At this point, it might be time to look seriously into the other options available to go abroad. For me personally, I got accepted into a graduate program where studying abroad for a year is compulsory, and therefore I get to return to a German speaking country, this time Austria, and not only be a student, but a Teaching Assistant. However, not everyone wants to or needs to go to graduate school, and this is a good time to look into the non-study options. There are so many options to intern, teach, complete service, or do research abroad. While most of these options that UK has require being a student, there are third-party programs that are designed for non-students and post-grads. There are so many options out there for one to return abroad and continue learning and teaching that you need no more than look. Sometimes we joke about catching the study abroad bug, but in all honesty, it does bite many students. While we often focus on telling you why studying abroad is important, I wanted to let people know that once you return, there are options to go again and continue the amazing experience you started. If you’re anything like me, looking for a graduate program that includes options to study abroad will be high on your list of must-haves. I’ve said it once, and I will say it again, the world is our oyster.


Photo and post by Kiel Henry

Kiel is an Education Abroad Peer Ambassador studying German, and he is a senior. He studied abroad through a UK Sponsored program in Munich studying Intermediate German, and through a UK-Exchange Heidelberg studying German Language and Culture.