A Photo Essay: Heidelberg, Germany

Studying abroad is a magnificent experience, here are ten photos that show just some of the beauty of studying abroad in Heidelberg, Germany.

UK vs. HeidelbergPhoto by Herb Lingl (left) 

When studying abroad, a college campus might not be all on one place, rather, it can be nestled inside a very old city.

Sometimes activism is a lot cuter and impossible to ignore


And signs in the forest might possibly be older than the United States of America


There may also be a castle located directly in your back yard, and it might be mostly in ruins.


And even though the sun might set the same, it still seems somewhat more magnificent.



Some of the most beautiful things might have been built in controversy.


But now they represent a new freedom and a sense of community.



Every once in awhile, things get a little weird, but the good kind of weird.


You learn that christmas is a culture, not just a holiday! (Weihnachtsmarkt y’all!)
Photo by Kara Head
Most importantly, you make amazing friends who will last a lifetime. You experience a new culture, learn in new ways, and give a part of yourself to the people and places you met.
Photos (unmarked) and written by Kiel Henry
Kiel is an Education Abroad Peer Ambassador studying German, and he is a senior. He studied abroad through a UK Sponsored program in Munich studying Intermediate German, and through a UK-Exchange Heidelberg studying German Language and Culture.