Heidelberg Exchange Program

My friend, Kara Head, is a recent graduate from the University of Kentucky from Jessamine county in Kentucky. She majored in Media Arts and Studies and before graduating, she added a German major, which took another year to complete. Upon graduation, she accepted an position working in a media company in Berlin, Germany.


Heidelberg Exchange Program to Heidelberg, Germany.

What I Did

I completed a second major in German. I took an extra year to do the program because I never had time to completely focus on German with my first major (Media Arts and Studies) because it was in another college and it was something I really wanted to do.


How did it affect future career plans?

It helped me decide to stay in Germany a bit longer! I’m doing an internship in Berlin right now with one of the entertainment media outlets here. I’m actually able to use both of my majors at the moment and I feel super lucky about it. Without the EA Program, I don’t think any of this would be possible.


What things did you learn related to studies and otherwise?

Now I am fluent in German and I’ve started learning Italian. I am much more aware of the different cultures around me….and as I said before, it allowed me to complete a second major.


What will resonate the most from the experience?

The friends I made from all over the world. This is hands-down the best thing about the entire experience.


Post and Photos by Kara Head, Recorded by Kiel Henry 

Kiel is an Education Abroad Peer Ambassador studying German, and he is a senior. He studied abroad through a UK Sponsored program in Munich studying Intermediate German, and through a UK-Exchange Heidelberg studying German Language and Culture.