Blue Abroad Testimonials: Josh in Sevilla, Spain

Donohue - 4-2

Josh Gates graduated from UK in May 2014 with a degree in communications and a minor in Spanish. 

What program did you do and when?

ISA Fall 2012 in Sevilla, Spain

Donohue - 4-4

What did you study/do abroad, and how is that different from what you could have done at UK or in the U.S?

I studied Spanish to work towards my Spanish minor. I took basically the same classes abroad but the teachers were more interactive and did not speak English. All the Spanish teachers at UK could speak English and would use it in class.

Donohue - 4-3

In general, what did you learn in Sevilla?

The language barrier was tough and the southern Spanish accents of the people of Seville were hard to understand. I learned how to live with my host family without much verbal communication. A lot of hand gestures and pointing were used between us so I could understand certain words in conversation!

Donohue - 4-1

What resonates most with you from your trip?

The friends I made, the cities and sites that I saw, and lessons that I learned will be cherished memories for the rest of my life. I truly miss the culture and European lifestyle.


Kim Donohue is a junior at the University of Kentucky majoring in International Studies and Political Science.