Top Five Foods to Eat in Europe

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Europe is known for its abundant amount of delicious food that fluctuates in variety from country to country.   There are so many different types of food available that you’d have to spend a lifetime trying everything.  Although I had no bad foods while I was in Europe, these top five caught me and didn’t let me go.  So here are my Top Five Foods to Eat in Europe.



1. Schnitzel in Austria

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Schnitzel quickly became one of my favorite foods in Europe during my study abroad program.  It is a thin piece of meat that has been tenderized and can be cooked any way possible.  The best ways (in my personal opinion) were Wiener schnitzel and a schnitzel with mushroom sauce.  Wiener schnitzel is chicken or pork that has been fried and was normally served with fries.  The schnitzel in close second for my favorite was a chicken schnitzel with mushroom gravy served with rice.  Both are amazing as are other types that I didn’t have the chance to try, I am sure.  Either way, when in Austria or Germany, get the schnitzel.  You won’t regret it.


2. Paella in Spain

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Paella is a typical Spanish dish made of rice, sauce, and some type of meat.  If you’re visiting Spain’s coast, the seafood paella is a must-try.  They put so much fresh seafood in it that I didn’t even know existed so I got to try different types of seafood while eating one of my favorite dishes.  Paella can also have veggies, chicken, or beef instead of seafood so there really is something for everyone.


3. Escargot in France

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Escargot is the typical French dish that people think of when they think of French cuisine.  If you’re unfamiliar with escargot, it is basically just cooked snail.  It sounds extremely weird but it’s actually really good.  In my experience they brought about ten cooked snails with little tongs that were to be used to dig the meat out of the shell.  It took quite a bit of courage but I was pleasantly surprised when I tried them on a whim.  Take the plunge and try escargot in France.  Seriously, it was just as fun as it was delicious.


4. Gelato ANYWHERE

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Oh, gelato.  This is one thing that I desperately need back in my life after leaving Europe.  Gelato is similar to ice cream but so much better.  It can be found on literally every block in every European city and is fairly cheap.  I could get small scoops for around €1,50 or less.  There are probably a thousand flavors so it was a fit for everyone.  Gelato was especially essential after a hot day at the beach or a tough day in class.


5. Apple Strudel in Germany

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Apple strudel, or apfelstrudel, is a delicious dessert that I had on multiple occasions while visiting Germany.  Even though it can be found in the US, it is not even close to the caliber of what it is in its homeland.  You can get it at almost every restaurant and I never had a bad one.

 Madeline Mudd is a senior at the University of Kentucky majoring in International Studies. She participated in an Education Abroad program in Barcelona in the Summer of 2014 with International Studies Abroad (ISA).