18 Photos of Street Art in Istanbul That Will Leave You Amazed

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Street art can be easily found in Istanbul. Just wander off the main streets, and you’ll find yourself staring at huge, colorful murals in no time. It is an interesting look into the life of the city, as the art ranges from social commentary, to jokes, to graffiti that highlights the political and racial tensions of the city. Although street art is a controversial practice, I do think that it provides a colorful break from the monotonous urban life we often find ourselves getting caught up in. Here are a few of my favorite scenes from my time abroad:


Photo 1

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Photo 2

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Photo 3

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Photo 4

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Photo 5

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Photo 6

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Photo 7

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Photo 8

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Photo 9

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Photo 10:  Note the smiley faces at the top of the wall

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Photo 11: This was the front of a store. I stood out there for probably a good 15 minutes admiring this piece.

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Photo 12: This panda was all over the city, in the most unexpected corners. I was actually quite intimidated the first time I saw it…

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Photo 13

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Photo 14

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Photo 15

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Photo 16: This is an example of the Anti-Israel sentiment in Istanbul. The poster between the two windows of the woman with her mouth covered by a man’s hand has the caption “Where is humanity? Free Gaza and Palestine.” These posters were on every street corner, all over the city.

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Photo 17

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Photo 18

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Kim Donohue is a junior at the University of Kentucky majoring in International Studies and Political Science.