EAPA Interviews: Ryan Panoushek’s London Internship

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Q: What Program did you do and when? And what did you think about it before you applied? Why were you attracted to it?

A: I did the Arcadia University Summer Internship in London this past summer. I thought that the internship would be a good way to gain experience with my major [accounting and finance] and living in a large city in a different country would help me gain confidence on my own.

Q: What did you study/do abroad, and how is it different than what you could have done in the US and at UK?

A: The program offered practical work experience in the real world environment while also taking courses that fills credit to one’s major. Apart of the Arcadia Internship Program, I was given an internship placement with Deutsche Borse Group in which I was required to work at least three full days a week over a period of eight weeks. The major difference between working in the UK and the US is that I got to experience the business procedures of a company in a professional environment in a foreign country.

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Q: How did this experience impact your future career plans?

A: From this experience, I will take what I have learned and apply it to any future academic studies as well as careers. I gained practical experience from my internship, as well as experience not a lot of other people have by being in a different country.

Q: What did you learn related to your field of study/major?

A: Since I am a double major in both Accounting and Finance, I learned a lot about the international trading of government securities through bond auctions in the European market.

Q: Were there other opportunities for people in different majors?

A: Yea, most people doing the [program] with me were different majors and had different types of internships. They were all really different.

Q: How was getting to work most days? How was transportation in London?

A: Almost every person going to work every morning used the tube. It’s what they call their subway system.

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Q: What resonates most from your time abroad, in general?

A: Probably the opportunity to be surrounded in one of the most diverse cities in the world and to experience a different culture and environment. I met a lot of different people.

Ryan is a Junior at the University of Kentucky majoring in Finance and Accounting. He was interviewed by Eric Marinello, one of the Education Abroad Peer Ambassadors (EAPAs). Eric is a Junior at the University of Kentucky majoring in Finance. Both Eric and Ryan participated in the London Summer Internship program run by UK Partner Provider Arcadia University. More information on the program can be found here.