UK Nursing Students in Northern Ireland

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University of Kentucky Nursing and Pre-Health students recently completed a study abroad program at the University of Ulster in Coleraine, Northern Ireland. This program was developed in coordination with UK Education Abroad Partner IFSA Butler.

Students were taught by members of the biomedical sciences faculty at the University of Ulster, and they also participated in several field experiences, including a visit to medical microbiology laboratories in Belfast City Hospital and completing lab work with the Centre for Molecular Biosciences at the Biomedical Sciences Research Institute, the top-ranking such facility in the UK. Aside from these experiences, students earned credit for BIO 208 – Principles of Microbiology (including lab credit) and NFS 212 – Introductory Nutrition.  For more information on this program, or to apply for the summer 2015 program, click here.

Dr. Patricia Burkhart, associate dean of the undergraduate nursing program at UK, visited the students participating in this program. She said that the program is “a fabulous opportunity for students to earn college credit in required courses for their major, in addition to engaging in life changing interpersonal experiences with people from another culture. It is an experience they will never forget and will serve them well as they begin their professional nursing careers.”


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Sarah Whitaker, UK’s Education Abroad Advisor to the College of Nursing, similarly found that the program is valuable for UK’s nursing students, saying, “Everyone we encountered on this visit, faculty and staff, was extremely welcoming, friendly, and professional,” and that additionally the “academics and student services seem to be of high quality.”


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Dr. Burkhart also recognized the program’s significant cultural value, saying “The five nursing students not only received excellent instruction in their microbiology and nutrition courses, but also cultural experiences in the beautiful country of Ireland. Professor Dooley, who taught microbiology, invited the nutrition course faculty, the five nursing students and me to a lovely dinner at his home. It was a terrific opportunity for students to interact with an Irish family and to understand the gracious hospitality of the Irish people.”


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The participating students also enjoyed excursions to Belfast and Dublin, as well as individually arranged weekends away from Coleraine. See more of their photos below:


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