Global Design: Elizabeth in Florence


My time in Florence was one of the best take-aways from my college experience. I learned so much about people, culture, and myself. I had a great time with my roommate from Bama and we’re still in contact, several years later. I use my study abroad skills such as adapting, communicating, and stretching my comfort level in my work constantly. I know my experience helped me with my big move to Denver after graduation. Without it, I might not have been so likely to move several states away. Jumping into a new language and culture overnight also helps me to relate to my students who are new to the United States and are going through similar experiences.

By: Elizabeth McMahon

Elizabeth received general education credit while abroad, as well as course credit for some of the cultural courses she took.  These transferred as credit towards her UK degree. For more information about the program that Elizabeth did in Florence, follow this link to the program page for Florence University of the Arts (SAI).


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