Global Design: Francis in Florence


What I loved most about Florence was the idea that Europeans work to live and Americans live to work. It’s a misconception that students go abroad to take a semester off, take easy courses/electives in order to party in a new country. The reason I loved Europe was, because it wasn’t one or the other; education or fun. I was able to find a balance. The curriculum was not easy. I took some of my hardest and longest finals in Florence. However, I made a 4.0 and was still able to enjoy the city.

One thing that took a while to adjust to was how spread out the campus was. My classes were all over the city. It wall worked out though. All the walking allowed me to eat all the gelato I wanted. I quickly learned that Italians are very family-oriented. Even though I was a complete stranger, my teachers believed in me. From day one, I knew they wanted me to succeed. My friends were the same way. We all shared a passion for the fashion industry and wanted nothing but the best for each other.

Overall I loved my experience in Florence. One of the first things I learned in Florence was that style was more about clothes, but about the way you carry yourself. Europeans are surrounded by beautiful art and architecture which impacts the way the live their lives. Everything Italians do, from the food they eat to the clothes they wear seems to be effortlessly stylish. Since my time abroad, I’ve been trying to focus less on advancing in my career and more on living life.




During his semester abroad, Francis completed coursework in Italian Language, Sewing and Construction Tech., Fashion in Film, and Fashion, Media and Culture.  All of these courses transferred back to UK. Transfer equivalencies included a 100-level language course and 200- and 300-level MAT courses. For more information about the program that Francis completed, follow this link to the program page.