Klarke: Prague, Czech Republic


Senior, Community and Leadership Development
Host Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Program: UK Sponsored Leadership Lessons from Prague
Term: Summer 2013
Overall, on a scale from one to five, Klarke rates this program a five.

Why did you decide to study abroad?
I decided to study abroad because I wanted to was looking for an eye opening experience and a chance to learn about a different culture. I am also a big foodie and traveling internationally gives you exposure to many different foods. Another reason why I decided to study abroad is because I wanted international experience and I really loved the program for Prague.

What classes did you take and how did they apply to your degree?
Before leaving for Prague, we took a class to prepare us for our trip and it focused on cultural and emotional intelligence as well as some of the history of Prague. Our program was a class within itself when we arrived so we had different assignments and activities we were apart of. This applied directly towards my major requirements.

What surprised you most about your host country?
Something that surprised me most about Prague was how accepting they were. We met students from other parts of the Czech Republic and Slovakia and they were very open minded about race and culture and I had a very enlightening and great conversation with one of the students.

What is your favorite memory from abroad?
I have two favorite memories from Prague. The first is walking around at night with my friends. Prague is an amazing city at night and very quiet in some parts, but it is a great time to explore. The second memory was when I took some time to myself and decided to walk around some of Prague by myself.It was a great time for self reflection.

What advice do you give to students doing a similar program?
My advice for students doing a similar program is to have fun and take it all in. Try new things and really try to blend in with the culture. Go where the people go, not where the tourists go!