Shayne: Osaka, Japan


Senior, International Studies
Host Location: Osaka, Japan
Program: UK Exchange Kansai Gaidai University
Term: Academic Year 2012-2013
Overall, on a scale from one to five, Shayne rates this program a four.

Why did you decide to study abroad?
I chose to study abroad because as a child it was always my dream to go to Japan and practice Japanese. It was from some point in high school career that I realized that college would offer me the most opportunities to stay in Japan for an extended time in comparison to something shorter such as a vacation.

What classes did you take and how did they apply to your degree?
I took classes in Japanese language, Japanese pop culture, Japanese business, Japanese criminal justice, and Japanese foreign relations.  All of these classes went towards my major.

What surprised you most about your host country?
How easy it was to get lost since there are only street names for major roads.

What is your favorite memory of abroad?
I went on a Buddhist pilgrimage and walked 8 hours up a mountain range.
What advice do you have for students doing a similar program?
Make sure you live with a host family. There’s nothing better than home cooked Japanese food!