Interview with a Study Abroad Alum!


EA Peer Ambassador, Aimee Goffinet, interviewed a friend who studied abroad through a program different than hers to compare their experiences. Here is the Q&A:

What program did you do and when?
I participated in a SOL Education Abroad program in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My program lasted from February until June in 2012.

What did you study/do abroad, and how is that different from what you could have done at UK or in the US?
I studied international business and Spanish at the Universidad de Belgrano. I really enjoyed learning about the global economy and international business from the perspective of a different country. Also, even though I was a Spanish minor prior to studying abroad, I was not fluent in the language. After living with a host mom who only spoke to my roommates and I in Spanish and taking classes taught in Spanish, I quickly became fluent in the language and felt comfortable living in a Spanish speaking country, something that would have never happened if I had only studied the language at UK.

How did the experience impact your future career plans (if at all)?
Studying abroad impacted my future career plans in that it gave me the ability to think outside of the box and consider working outside of the US. Because my language skills improved greatly and I wanted to work outside of the US, I felt comfortable to take an internship with the Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles soccer team in Mexico. I hope that in the future I will be able to continue to work abroad.

In general, what things did you learn in Argentina – related to your studies and otherwise?
I learned so much while studying abroad in Argentina. I learned about a country that many people in the US know nothing or very little about. I also learned that I am capable of moving across the world and able to adapt to new situations.

What will resonate most form your time abroad?
My time abroad helped me look at the world in a different perspective. I fell in love with Argentina and South America and realize that I have to return or live there at some point in my life. One of my favorite experiences was building a house for a family in need and working with many other people from around the city to help this family. Being able to volunteer abroad was an amazing experience and I hope that I will be able to do the same in the future.