Hannah: Cape Town, South Africa


Junior, Integrated Strategic Communication
Host location: Cape Town, South Africa
Program: UK Sponsored Strategic Communication in South Africa
Term: Summer 2013
Overall, on a scale from one to five, Hannah rates this program a five.

Why did you decide to study abroad?
I wanted to gain academic credit and have something that stood out on my resume.

What classes did you take and how did they apply to your degree?
ISC 497: Special Topics in ISC, which fulfilled one of three required electives in my major.

What surprised you most about your host country?
How diverse it was in Cape Town.

What is your favorite memory from abroad?
Meeting so many interesting people and learning about the South African culture. We also went shark cage diving too, which was probably the coolest experience I’ll ever have.

What’s your advice for students doing a similar program?
Bring cold medicine just in case you get sick, because this program is constantly on-the-go. Also, talk to cab drivers because they teach you so much about the city!